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Cyber Terminal (CT)

Cyber Terminal (CT) features a 4-player public online coop mode and a single player offline mode.

In CT you play as a Cyber Comrade along with three other players and your objective is to shutdown all the Cyborg Terminals by repeatedly installing a malware called CTT (Cyber Threat Terminator). Since the Cyborg Terminals are protected against DDOS attacks by a single individual, you need help from other Cyber Comrades in order to shutdown the entire Cyborg Grid Network.

The Cyborg Terminals are divided into the following four categories. These categories are represented in the form of text at the bottom of the terminal or by the number of pulses in the terminal itself.

  • Category 1: This is the most easiest to hack with absolutely no defence and recovery mechanism.
  • Category 2: This is equipped with a recovery mechanism. The recovery thread runs periodically and clean some of the malware. Whenever a terminal recovers, it flashes in green.
  • Category 3: This has recovery and a soft block mechanism. The soft block mechanism thread runs periodically and look for attack patterns. If a pattern is encountered, it enters blocked state (turns red) and drops all successive attacks for a limited time. This blocking negates the overall damage that can be done to the terminal during the time the blocking is in effect. If, however, the soft block is breached by changing/modifying the attack pattern, the terminal will take minimal damage.
  • Category 4: This is the toughest one. This includes recovery and hard block mechanism. This terminal cannot be breached in blocked state and all the successive attacks are dropped during the time the blocking is in effect.

One simple example of an attack pattern is when the same player attacks the same terminal twice consecutively.

Every time a player successfully manages to install a malware into the Cyborg Terminal they are awarded with victory points. Gaining victory points will increase your level which in turn will increase the strength of the malware that the player programmed.


WASD or Arrow Keys to focus on a terminal

SPACE to install malware

On Title Screen:

  • Press SPACE to launch the game in online(4-player online) mode.
  • Hold SPACE to launch the game in offline(single player) mode.


SFX: sounddogs.com

Music: Tineidae - Arc from last.fm


Thanks for playing!!!

Feel free to leave some feedback or criticism on itch.io itself or on twitter: @goyalanshul

Cyber Terminal on Gamejolt

Note: If you want to try a special 2-player version, you can do so here: anshulgo.com/jams/cyberpunkjam/2p